Bose – BBVA Bancomer Stadium Monterrey

The new BBVA Bancomer Stadium stands majestically in the city of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon just a few minutes from Monterrey, the capital city of the state. It took four years of construction to deliver one of the most modern and beautiful soccer stadiums in Latin America. Worthy home of the Rayados of Monterrey, a team with an intense and faithful crowd of fans.

Bose Profesional Mexico, flagship professional manufacturer, was the chosen brand to bring sound to all areas of the stadium, from dressing rooms, to hallways, restaurants, private suites and the stands. The PA delivers sound with premium quality for the over 51,000 people who fill up the stadium. A total of 883 Bose speakers were installed throughout the place.

Built by Club de Futbol Monterrey, the impressive stadium’s design is the work of architects Christopher Lee and David Lizárraga, from Populous, one of the most innovative firms worldwide to specialize in stadiums. The shapes they used appeal to the natural symbol of the city: Cerro de la Silla (Mountain of the Saddle), as the external structure, with a metallic façade, refers to Monterrey’s industrial heritage.

Technological innovation without restrictions

“This stadium is a paradigm-breaker in every way”, says Patricio Xavier Beltrán, engineer and consultant for BeSa, the appointed company for the technological installation in the building, “Our goal was to develop a project from scratch with the most innovative features in each area. We had a clear objective: build the best soccer stadium in Latin America, so having the best audio system was mandatory. We knew that audio quality, power and intelligibility would be key elements in giving each visitor a perfect sound experience, this would be a comfort factor before, during and after each match.”

BDP Audio Video, was the integrator company in charge of providing the acoustic solutions within the stadium. There were other candidates, but BDP’s integral solution, based on Bose systems, satisfied the needs and requirements of the soccer club. BDP’s work team, is led by the experienced engineer Antonio Vaca.

BDP has been a valued partner of Bose for many years now. “Just trust Bose, it is our go-to brand and with it we dare to do large projects, because it offers quality and unrestricted technical support”, says Eligio Berrueta, CEO of BDP. “We were the first technology suppliers for the project, we joined in on 2009 with a first proposal on a conceptual level. Seven years later, we are delivering to the satisfaction of FEMSA, Club de Futbol Monterrey and their fans.”


An ITESM (Technological Institute of Monterrey) graduate, Patricio Beltran is also a Rayado fan to the bone “I joined the project in 2009. I was put in charge of the implementation and set up of all the intertwined digital technologies: data network, voice, video, large LED screens, digital signage, internal TV cameras, PA, background audio distribution, CCTV, access control, fire detection systems, emergency systems, WiFi, mobile networks, lighting control and general automation.

All services are network based, and so, the infrastructure counts with a massive broadband that even with all the incorporated services has extra capacity, so it can keep operating for many years to come.

Power, coverage and clarity

The directive board of the club had a very clear purpose on building the stadium: enjoy soccer. So, the sound system should respond to the fan’s needs: audio was to offer total coverage, clarity and intelligibility. BDP planned two large systems:

1.Background audio, distributed for 68 audio zones, 14 of them with independent volume and source control (hallways, restaurants, suites, locker rooms and press halls, among others).

2.PA system for the stands, made up by 14 Bose RoomMatch® clusters (104 boxes around the field, hanging 55m high from a steel structure). The boxes deploy a full frequency range and there are no subwoofers. The system is controlled through ControlSpace®, where it’s easy to visualize the design and connection of the elements, besides the content distribution.

RoomMatch, the PA for 51,000 Rayados

Once the project was defined, Bose made sound coverage tests using the Modeler® software, for predictive analysis and to determine where the speakers should be placed for ultimate performance based on the stadium’s blueprints. Furthermore, the Auditioner® system was used to listen and evaluate the sound before a single speaker was placed.

“Besides from the work on the blueprints, one of the key arguments to decide on Bose was the demonstration we received through the Auditioner system; we were amazed by such a precise model on how the sound would be like through the RoomMatch speakers on the many spaces of the stadium”, says Patricio Beltran.

BDP and Bose made a fine calibration and acoustic optimization with RoomMatch three times: one before the opening, another one when the stadium was fully finished but empty and another one with a full stadium, during a mid-season match. “We made sure that RoomMatch delivered the frequency response, coverage and SPL we need for each seat”, says Antonio Vaca, from BDP. “We’ve only made minimal adjustments to the EQ to give a little more low end to music.”

Distributed background audio

As for the background audio distribution, a combination of Bose FreeSpace® with processors and amplifiers from other high quality brands is used. Communication is made through optic fiber and IP network. To reduce the wiring distance in each zone, amplification and control rooms were built in six of the 17 IDF´s (Intermediate Distribution Frames).

The general audio sources (music from digital players, or CD players, voice from the cabin, wireless microphone signal, sound from the half-time show or publicity spots) come from the command center that is located on the third floor of the stadium. These digital signals travel through optic fiber to the processors distributed on different parts of the building, there they are amplified and transmitted with analog cables to each one of the hundreds of speakers.

Service, a value by itself

The sound design engineers from Bose Professional in the USA and Mexico have been very involved in the whole project. In fact, they can monitor the audio system through an independent VLAN on the TeamViewer platform, which results in a high level technical support, always ready to respond to any incident.

“We’ve achieved our goal, we have the most beautiful, functional and modern stadium in Latin America”, states Patricio Beltrán. “I’m satisfied and grateful with a lot of people with whom we teamed up for the last seven years. My commitment to the Club de Futbol Monterrey has been fulfilled entirely with the highest level of professionalism.”

The Final Test

On August 2nd of 2015 the new BBVA Bancomer Stadium was inaugurated with a match between Rayados of Monterrey and Benfica from Portugal. Minutes before the game there was a ceremony and show that was the definitive test for the stadium’s PA, the sound had to be impressive and so it was. Every expectation from the club and the fans was surpassed. The show included the presence of historic team players and a concert that payed homage to Monterrey culture.

And so, BDP and Bose came together in a complex project that was brought to a happy conclusion. The sound in the stadium meets the highest standards and reaches each of the 51,000 seats clearly, giving a better experience to one of the most loyal crowd of fans in the world of soccer.

RoomMatch models for the PA:

• 6 RM5510
• 2 RM5520
• 46 RM7010
• 2 RM7020
• 12 RM9010
• 26 RM9020
• 10 RM12010

Stadium Figures:

• Stadium capacity: 51,000 people
• 104 RoomMatch speakers divided in clusters
• 27 PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers on 4000 Watt each one (for the PA)
• 18 x 2400 Watt amplifiers (for background audio)
• 541 Freespace DS16F speakers (suites 1 y 2, hallways, club area, concourse)
• 40 Freespace DS16SE speakers (hallways, press room, club area, administrative office)
• 125 Freespace DS100SE speakers (mall-level hallways, far stands hallways, parking area, service area, Azul restaurant)
• 22 FreeSpace DS100F speakers (mixed areas, hallways)
• 2 MA12 speakers (press room)
• 19 FreeSpace 3 systems (Coca-Cola Club and Capitanes restaurant)
• 68 zone circuits of background audio
• A total of 883 Bose speakers