Midland Valley Community — Burnettown, South Carolina

Pastor Mike McAdory has served in different ministry roles as he continues his 24-year tenure at Midland Valley Community Church of the Nazarene. McAdory began his time at MVCC as the youth pastor. After the worship pastor left, he took on those responsibilities as well. Eventually, McAdory transitioned away from the youth ministry position and continued leading the church through worship. McAdory now serves as both the worship pastor and the executive pastor. He coordinates volunteers who faithfully serve in the choir and orchestra. His umbrella role as executive pastor includes various duties in the church and their school. McAdory desires to thrive in the second half of his ministry career as he seeks new ways to minister to the MVCC congregants and reach his community. 

“Crisis creates an opportunity to change,” Pastor McAdory remarks as he discusses how his church wades the deep waters of the pandemic. By grace, MVCC made strategic changes in the last two years that positioned the church to navigate recent social precautions with success. The church staff began conversations about streaming their services in early 2019. Under the senior pastor’s leadership, the church collected a one-time offering to update the necessary software and equipment. All the items for the transition made their way to the church the week MVCC canceled live services because of COVID. They transitioned from in-person services to livestreamed services in four days. McAdory credits God’s providential timing in the shift. The church staff plans to keep livestreaming the services even after the community no longer needs to take social-distancing precautions.

In 2018 McAdory began using a church administrative platform, Church Community Builder, to organize the various ministries and needs of MVCC. Pastor McAdory uses the planning center to coordinate the worship teams as well as store their music with personal notations. “It’s a game-changer,” says McAdory. The site streamlines their childcare check-in processes. When a registered parent nears their facilities, an alert pops up on his or her phone. The parent shows the phone to the childcare worker, who scans the child present in the ministry area. Event registrations and small groups use the service also. Currently, MVCC has 300 children on soccer teams this fall. The sports-team registrations funnel through the planning center. McAdory utilizes calendaring capabilities to support facilities management. Rooms can be reserved complete with setup for chairs, tables, and audio/visual components.   

“Technology is critical. If wireless goes out, we’re cooked,” McAdory laughs. Pastor McAdory refurbishes old iPads for use in the worship ministry. He admits how vital technology is in his own life too. From the desk he refinished to the equipment he encounters, McAdory seeks to make things better. Recently he led the church to purchase four identical Yamaha TF5 digital mixers. Now, any member of the sound team can assist with audio needs in any of the four corporate worship spaces. Next, he desires to install laser projectors with 8,000–10,000 lumens. McAdory oversees a capable team of volunteers who address the needs for projection, sound, lighting, and livestreaming. He desires MVCC members to invest in different ministries. “Ownership in the church and connectivity [with others] happens when someone serves,” he states. Members connect to the church and one another while serving in ministry.

After winning a recent Bose Church giveaway, Pastor McAdory chose the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC as his prize. He owns a pair of the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones from many years ago. “I have loved them for a very long time,” he says. McAdory uses Bose headphones while traveling. When comparing the two sets of headphones, McAdory says of the Bose Headphones 700 UC, “They sound fantastic. The sound is much more balanced.”