Bible Baptist Church — Southampton, Pennsylvania

Relationships: The keepsakes on Pastor Ted Kucewicz’s bookshelves tell beautiful stories of relationships and years of ministry in Western New York and Pennsylvania. Although he currently serves as senior pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Southampton, Pennsylvania, Pastor Kucewicz has worked in many different ministry and service areas. He’s worked as an EMS captain, called to New York City in the aftermath of 9/11. He’s coordinated multiple churches in their efforts to reach local youth and held weekly church services for special needs adults in Buffalo, New York. And he and his wife Jayne founded a children’s ministry, Mountaintop Ministries, to reach and serve local children in their area. Then, after over three decades of ministry to children, youth, and adults, Kucewicz and his wife relocated to Pennsylvania. Mountaintop Ministries became a part of the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

Pastor Ted, as his members call him, serves on the board of Child Evangelism Fellowship Bucks-Mont, and he mentors the pastor who took leadership over his former position at Mountaintop Ministries. Bible Baptist Church partners with CEF to offer Good News Clubs and summer camps for local school children.

The relationships and connections Kucewicz formed throughout the years have supported the ministry he does now. “I love people and talking to them,” laughed Kucewicz, who is driven by his interaction with others. His smile is easy, and his face lights up when he speaks of his members and the children he serves through the church’s partnership with CEF. He encourages his church to reach into the community and make similar connections with those in their local context.

Bible Baptist Church is transforming their corporate worship space to accommodate their members and guests. Kucewicz stated, “We don’t want to be handicap-accessible. We don’t even want to be handicap-friendly. We desire to be handicap-welcoming.” Changes include basic renovations, a new family restroom, and a modified seating layout to welcome guests with disabilities. Plans are in the works to update the audio and visual components as well. Currently, the church has a 30-year old pair of Bose loudspeakers supporting the sound for their services. It is the only equipment they have that still works well, so Pastor Kucewicz was excited to enter a recent Bose Church giveaway because of the longevity of the loudspeakers in his sanctuary. “We don’t have the best equipment right now, but COVID has pushed us forward,” remarked Kucewicz, who is thankful to get the upgrades underway. Their goal is to replace everything and start over fresh. 

The audio and visual needs of the church fall to Kucewicz. This responsibility reminds him of how much help he needs from others. To move ahead, Kucewicz remarked, “We don’t need to keep up, we need to catch up.” As his life represents, Kucewicz knows ministry takes many different forms and must go to all people. He truly believes the future of getting the gospel to people runs through technology. Kucewicz recently received his Bose Church giveaway prize — Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC. “The sound is amazing with my smooth jazz music; they make prep for the day smooth and relaxing,” he said.

The church offers in-person services, Facebook Live services, and simple conference calls. Some of the members use, which provides a phone number to call in for live sermon audio. This website supports their members who don’t have smartphones or the internet to connect to their live services. Before COVID, Bible Baptist Church only offered in-person services. “Three weeks after providing online services, a viewer got saved. I thought, what are we missing? Why aren’t we doing this all the time?” said Kucewicz. Viewers from five different states log in to hear the weekly sermons.