RoomMatch ground stack pitch brackets
RMGSPB ground stack pitch brackets

RoomMatch ground stack pitch brackets

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Attaches to subwoofer module and mounts one or two RoomMatch full-range modules, allowing pitch angle adjustment from 0 to 30 degrees down pitch (differs by module vertical coverage pattern). Complete pitch bracket is formed by assembly of pitch plate that attaches to subwoofer module and mounting bar that attaches to RoomMatch full-range modules. Kit contains two (2) pitch plates, two (2) RoomMatch full-range module mounting bars, four (4) M10 x 40 mm fasteners, and four (4) M10 x 30 mm fasteners. Pitch brackets also require use of four (4) M10 x 30 mm fasteners (15 mm socket size) supplied with RoomMatch full-range modules. Net weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg).

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