ShowMatch Transport Carts

ShowMatch Transport Carts

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Bose Professional ShowMatch Transport Carts are available in two styles: a 4x SM5 module cart or a 4x SM module downfill cart. The 4x SM5 module cart carries four ShowMatch SM5 array modules locked together using their suspension hardware with rear link bars pinned at zero degrees (0°). The 4x SM module downfill cart carries an SM20, SM10 and two SM5 array modules pre-configured as the downfill section for a large ShowMatch array.

Designed to be easily broken down and stacked for storage, each cart is constructed of aluminum to reduce weight while the top and bottom plates are constructed of 15 mm (5/8 in) Baltic Birch plywood. A high-density polyurethane seat captures the bottom module and prevents damage to the loudspeaker enclosure. Each cart includes four locking casters.

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Two cart styles available: 4x SM5 module cart or 4x SM module downfill cart

Cart top plate is easily removed to allow modules to be quickly integrated into an array and includes a recessed area to accommodate a 17.78 x 12.7 cm (7 x 5 in) tour label

Carts can be broken down to a smaller size for storage

Sized for efficient truck pack and allows other gear to be placed on top for maximum storage utility


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