Panaray 502 A
Panaray® 502® A

Panaray 502 A

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The Panaray® 502® A installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker features a full-range-driver array, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers, to provide unsurpassed reliability and vocal clarity. The Articulated Array® design, with wide 120° x 70° coverage, can effectively cover small venues with a single loudspeaker, providing a cost-effective solution for many indoor installed voice-reinforcement applications. The Panaray 502 A can also be paired with optional Bose Pro subwoofers for use with full-range music program material.


Full-Range-Driver Array eliminates tweeters and crossovers for unsurpassed reliability in harsh environments and vocal clarity

5 x Bose® 4.5-inch full-range drivers for legendary reliability

120° x 70° Articulated Array® design covers a very wide area, which can reduce the number of loudspeakers required

103 Hz - 15 kHz Frequency Range optimized for speech reinforcement

117 dB Peak SPL for sound-reinforcement and foreground music

Slim, elegant design for demanding aesthetic requirements

Indoor installations only

Optional 70V/100V transformer

Requires Active Equalization


  • Auditoriums
  • Houses of worship
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hospitality venues


Technical Summary

Frequency Range (-10 dB)
103 Hz - 15 kHz

Nominal Coverage Pattern (H x V)
120° H x 70° V

Long-Term Power Handling
Bose extended-lifecycle test⁴: 150 W
AES transducer test⁵: 200 W

Power Handling, Peak
Bose extended-lifecycle test⁴: 600 W
AES transducer test⁵: 800 W

Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)
88 dB SPL

Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m
Bose extended-lifecycle test⁴: 110 dB SPL
AES transducer test⁵: 111 dB

Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m, peak
Bose extended-lifecycle test⁴: 116 dB
AES transducer test⁵: 117 dB

Nominal Impedance
8 Ω

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WCB-5 U-bracket
WCB-5 U-bracket
CSB-5A flying bracket
CSB-5A flying bracket
WBP-5 bi-pivot wall bracket
WBP-5 bi-pivot wall bracket


With the 802 and 402 Series IV introductions, were any changes made to the 502A model?

No. There were no acoustic or mechanical changes made to the 502A. However, the recommended EQ for the 502A was updated to provide mid/high tonal balance more consistent with that of the 802 and 402 Series IV EQ response.

Does the Panaray 502A require active equalization?

Yes. The Panaray 502A loudspeaker requires active equalization which can be implemented using Bose Professional PowerMatch® amplifiers, Engineered Sound Processors, or SP-24 processors. Additional, generic parametric EQ values are available to use with non-Bose amplifiers and DSP.

Why did you update the recommended EQ for the 502A loudspeaker if the acoustic design did not change?

The recommended EQ for the 502A was updated to provide mid/high tonal balance more consistent with that of the revised 802 and 402 Series IV EQ responses.

What are the primary differences between the Panaray 402 Series IV and the Panaray 502A model?

The 402 Series IV loudspeaker utilizes 4x 4.5-inch full-range drivers to provide 60 degrees of vertical coverage while the 502A loudspeaker utilizes 5x 4.5-inch full-range drivers to provide 70 degrees of vertical coverage. The slim enclosure design of the 502A has low-frequency response down to 103 Hz while the larger enclosure volume of the 402 Series IV provides 73 Hz low-frequency response. In general, the 502A requires additional subwoofer enclosures for full-range music material. Additionally, the 402 Series IV is outdoor rated, while the 502A is rated for indoor-only installations.

What are the advantages of using full-range drivers compared to conventional 2-way, woofer/tweeter systems?

Bose full-range drivers eliminate the need for crossovers and tweeters for unsurpassed reliability in harsh environments and natural vocal clarity. Bose full-range drivers are among the most reliable transducers in the industry, with 99.9% still operating 5 years after the original installation.

What are the advantages of the Articulated Array™ design?

Using full-range drivers allows Bose Panaray loudspeakers to utilize unique driver array placement which provides wide, consistent horizontal coverage, with vertical coverage patterns that differ by model to meet the needs of different applications. The wide horizontal and controlled vertical coverage of the Panaray 502A loudspeaker – 120° horizontal and 70° vertical – can effectively cover moderate size rooms with a single loudspeaker, for cost-effective speech reinforcement with exceptionally natural vocal clarity.

What is the warranty period for Bose Professional loudspeakers?

Bose Professional Systems loudspeakers and electronics are designed to deliver years of superb performance in demanding applications. Warranty details for specific product lines can be found in the Limited Warranty or by contacting your local Bose representative.