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It's L1 Pro control in your pocket. With the L1 Mix app, you can access intuitive, wireless control of your Bose L1 Pro portable PA system. Adjust L1 Pro mixer settings during a gig from your phone or tablet, or even walk the room, hear how the mix sounds, and fine-tune as you go. Change volume, tone, and reverb settings in the app and watch the LED encoder on your L1 Pro move to match in real time — the mixer and app are always in sync. Plus, you have access to the entire ToneMatch library of custom EQ presets. With the L1 Mix app, you get the connectivity that empowers your performance, giving you greater flexibility for on-the-fly tweaks via channel-level controls that are easy to access and deliver immediate results. All so you can sound your best, connect with your audience, and simply perform. 


Take wireless control of your L1 Pro portable line array system from your phone or tablet, mix on the move, and stay in the moment 

Mix in the moment with an intuitive interface that mirrors the mixer section of your L1 Pro system and provides helpful haptic feedback as you change parameters

Adjust channel-level volume, EQ, and reverb settings instantly in the app and watch the LED encoders on your L1 Pro move to match in real time

Use Reverb Remote to instantly turn reverb on or off for any channel by simply pressing and holding the word “Reverb” in the app — great if you want to talk to your audience between songs

Access the entire ToneMatch library of custom EQ presets for many popular microphones, guitars, instuments, and more

Save setup time at your regular gigs with the Scenes feature; set and recall global channel states instantly, including I/O settings, volume, EQ, reverb, ToneMatch presets, and system EQ

Connect to and control multiple L1 Pro systems at the same time 

Available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets 


How do I connect my L1 Mix app to my L1 Pro system?

First connect your device to your L1 Pro system via standard Bluetooth connectivity. Then, open the L1 Mix app. Follow the prompts in the L1 Mix app to connect to your L1 Pro system. 

If I change a setting on the system itself, will it affect the app?

Yes, when connected, the app and system can both be used to make changes to your sound while staying in sync with each other. 

Does the L1 Mix app allow me to control individual channels?

Yes. The L1 Mix app provides channel-level control of all three channels on the L1 Pro systems.

How does the L1 Mix app connect to my L1 Pro system?

The L1 Mix app connects to your L1 Pro system via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

Can I use the L1 Mix app to stream music?

No. The L1 Mix app is for controlling the channel mixer on your L1 Pro. You can use streaming service apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc., to stream music.

Can I use the Bose Connect app with the L1 Pro?

No. The L1 Pro family of products uses the purpose-built L1 Mix app for mixer control and requires third-party streaming apps for streaming music.

Can I connect more than one L1 Pro system to the L1 Mix app?

Yes. You can connect to multiple L1 Pro systems that are powered on and within range. You will see each available system product “card” in the L1 Mix app before selecting the system you wish to control. However, you can only control one system at a time.

Can I mute the reverb effect on a channel using the L1 Mix app?

Yes, you can mute the reverb by pressing and holding the word “REVERB” on that corresponding channel. When muted, you will see a circle with a dot in the center next to the word to indicate that it is muted. To unmute, press and hold REVERB again, or simply turn the parameter knob.

What are the green lights at the bottom of the control knob on the L1 Mix app?

The short, curved line at the bottom of the control knob is the signal/clip indicator. It is illuminated green when a signal is present, just like on the product, in real time. It is illuminated in red if the signal is too hot and possibly distorted. This indicator will also be red if the system is entering limiting mode.

Can I update my L1 Pro system firmware via the L1 Mix app?

No. The L1 Pro system, as well as Sub1 or Sub2 firmware, must be updated using the USB-C port and a laptop or desktop computer.

What is a “scene,” and why would I want to save one?

A “scene” represents all of the current settings on your L1 Pro system. By saving a scene, you can instantly recall all of those settings again later. This is helpful if you regularly play a certain venue and want to simplify the setup process by not having to adjust volume and EQ settings again every time you play at that venue.

What is Low Power Standby in the L1 Mix app settings?

Low Power Standby is a standard feature on the L1 Pro family of products. If a product is left on with no detectable audio source for four hours, it will enter a low-power “standby” mode. The product is “woken up” by pressing the power button. Using the L1 Mix app, you can disable the Low Power Standby mode so your L1 Pro system will not turn off after four hours with no detectable audio source.

Is there a specific app for each L1 Pro product?

No, the L1 Mix app works to control the L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16, and the L1 Pro32.

Can the L1 Mix app control the Sub1 and Sub2 powered bass modules?

The L1 Mix app can control a Sub1 or Sub2 powered bass module when connected to an L1 Pro32, since they are part of that L1 Pro system. However, Sub1 and Sub2 are not Bluetooth-enabled, so they cannot be controlled by the L1 Mix app when used by themselves or with other systems.


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