Sub2 Powered Bass Module

Sub2 Powered Bass Module

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A powered, portable bass module, the Sub2 subwoofer combines with virtually any portable PA and delivers low-end performance down to 37 Hz. Its unique 10” × 18” high-excursion neodymium RaceTrack driver allows for an ultra-slim enclosure, delivering performance that rivals traditional round drivers without the cumbersome size, freeing up room in your vehicle and on the stage. Compared to the Sub1 subwoofer, Sub2 is the more powerful subwoofer option for the Bose L1 Pro32 system, combining seamlessly via single-cable SubMatch connectivity. You can stack multiple Sub2 subwoofers for even more low end — or to unleash Cardioid Mode for directional bass. With a Sub2, you get a subwoofer that easily fits onstage — and effortlessly fills up the dance floor.


Add powerful bass to your portable PA system with low-end range down to 37 Hz

Go from vehicle to venue easily with a slim design featuring a unique 10” × 18” high-excursion neodymium RaceTrack driver; performance that rivals traditional round drivers with a smaller footprint

Stack multiple Sub2 subwoofers for even more bass or unleash Cardioid Mode for focused, directional performance that steers the bass out front and decreases feedback

Combine seamlessly with Bose L1 Pro32 portable line array via proprietary SubMatch connectivity, which delivers both power and audio over a single cable

Pair with other powered loudspeakers via line input and output with selectable crossover modes, plus integrated threaded pole mount for use with Bose S1 Pro PA and more


Sub1/Sub2 Adjustable Speaker Pole
Sub1/Sub2 Adjustable Speaker Pole
SubMatch Cable
SubMatch Cable


How do I know which subwoofer is right for me?

The Sub1 and Sub2 powered bass modules are both designed to give you optimal bass performance no matter what your application is. However, singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars find the Sub1 to be the best fit for them, and it is smaller and more portable. DJs or keyboard players may benefit more from the additional bass performance of the Sub2, which is larger, but plays lower and louder. If you are playing content with very low frequencies, such as electronic dance music, you will probably want a Sub2. 

How do I connect my Subwoofers?

The Sub1 and Sub2 powered bass modules have identical user interfaces and function in the same way. You can connect them with a SubMatch cable directly to your L1 Pro system or use a balanced 1/4" audio cable. They are both powered subwoofers, and the benefit of the SubMatch cable is that it delivers both audio and power, so you don’t have to plug the Sub1 or Sub2 into a wall outlet. A SubMatch cable is included in the box with the L1 Pro32 for connecting to your Sub1 or Sub2. If you are using a balanced 1/4" audio cable, you will need to plug the Sub1 or Sub2 into wall power.

How many subwoofers can I connect to my system?

We recommend a maximum of two subwoofers per L1 Pro system. This is to ensure optimal tonal balance.