ControlSpace ESP-00 General Purpose I/O card II
ControlSpace® ESP-00 General Purpose I/O card II

ControlSpace ESP-00 General Purpose I/O card II

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The GPIO card II for card-frame ControlSpace engineered sound processors is used to expand the number of standard general purpose input/output ports. This card inserts into the available GPIO 2 slot and augments the pre-installed GPIO card by adding eight additional control inputs and eight additional control outputs on a second card. Each input is configurable to allow external control from hardware such as potentiometers (to control gain) and switches/contact closures (to select block states or invoke parameter sets). Outputs can be used to trigger digital equipment or used directly with LEDs and relays.

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Technical Specifications

Inputs (Control)
Eight (8) analog/digital inputs, 2 kΩ internal pull-up resistor to 5 V

Outputs (Control)
Eight (8) digital outputs

Output Voltage
High: 7.5 V (open circuit), 2.5 V @ 10 mA Low: < 1 V @ 100 mA, push-pull


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