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Modeler sound system software

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A 3D modeling program for acoustic design and analysis, Bose Modeler software helps system designers and acoustic consultants predict sound system performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. From places of worship and multi-purpose spaces to hospitality venues, stadiums, auditoriums, and more.

The software’s advanced algorithms predict acoustic performance of a space, including direct and reflected energy, and Speech Transmission Index (STI). Designers can iterate quickly using Modeler’s proprietary calculation pipeline, allowing them to trial different loudspeaker configurations and placements for optimal coverage, SPL, and intelligibility.

Modeler also features an import function — to easily translate model data from standard CAD software — and an acoustic matching function, which matches the acoustic performance of the model to that of the real room. Array construction tools also help automate the creation and layout of complex loudspeaker arrays.

The latest version of Modeler merges previous versions — Modeler Standard and Modeler Plus — and removes the security key requirement, giving a wider range of designers, even students, the ability to freely create accurate and compelling sound system designs.

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To request access to Modeler software, please submit the following registration form. Please note that you may be contacted via email when new updates become available.


What is new with Modeler sound system software?

Starting with Modeler version 6.10, the software is now free to download and use, without the need for security keys or other restrictions. All of the features available in the previous modeler plus version are now standard.

I already export my SketchUp files to DXF. Is there a better way to transfer my room model data into the Modeler software?

No. You can create all the key room model surface parameters directly in SketchUp while you are creating the model. Then use the Modeler software plugin to transfer your work directly to Modeler software.

Do I need SketchUp Pro to export to Modeler software, or will the free version work?

The free version works just fine. Please use version 8—either the free or the Pro version.

How does Modeler Plus software differ from Modeler sound system software?

Modeler Plus software includes all the features of Modeler software, plus the Auditioner® software components required for auralization of the room model and system design. Additional features included in Modeler Plus allow you to:

  • Calculate an Auditioner "filter" for any given listener position within the room model. When the Auditioner filter is convolved with dry audio, the resulting auralization is reproduced on the Auditioner Playback System
  • Perform instantaneous A/B comparisons of listener positions, system designs or room models using the Auditioner playback controls
  • Build a comprehensive playlist of listener positions from the room models within a project file for evaluation or demonstration purposes
  • Record the output of the Auditioner playback to a .wav file for archival purposes, or to enable users to listen to the Auditioner playback system without Modeler software
  • Mix binaural background noise with the output of the room model to demonstrate or evaluate the effect of varying levels of background noise on system performance

All calculations and processing required to perform the auralization run directly on the PC within the Modeler Plus software, so no additional hardware or software is required.

What are the system requirements for Modeler and Modeler Plus software?

The minimum system requirements for running Modeler and Modeler Plus software are:

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7, x86 and x86-64 bit versions

Processor: 1GHz processor (or better)

RAM: 512MB of RAM available (1GB recommended)

Disk Space: 512MB of disk space available (1GB recommended)

Minimum Monitor Resolution: 1366 x 768 WXVGA

Can I install Modeler software on more than one computer to do my work?

Under the current end user license agreement, each licensed copy of Modeler software can be installed on two PCs. Typically, one copy is installed on a desktop computer, and the other on a portable computer. This is why we ship two keys with the software.

Is Modeler software compatible with Windows Vista?

Modeler software is compatible with Windows Vista in the Vista Classic graphics theme. If you have a Windows Vista machine, please make the following changes before launching Modeler software:

  • Right-click on your desktop and select "Personalize"
  • Click on "Theme" and select "Vista Classic" from the drop-down menu
  • Click "OK"

Can I open old Modeler models or project files with newer versions of Modeler software?

All projects and models created in a previous version of Modeler software can be opened in the latest Modeler software, with all surfaces, loudspeaker and listener locations preserved. Once these projects and models are saved in the latest version of Modeler software, they cannot be opened with the previous Modeler software versions.

What ships with Modeler software?

When you order a new or renewal copy of the Modeler software you will receive a Registration Card with a unique product validation code specific to the version you have ordered.

This product validation code is used to access the on-line download of the Modeler software at

Once you have registered your version of the software you will be able to download a copy of the installation utility, and install the application on your local PC.

New copies of the Modeler software also include a set of two (2) hardware protection keys. These keys are required to activate the Modeler software on the PC.

Is training or classroom instruction available for the Modeler software?

Modeler software includes a comprehensive tutorial and user manual. We strongly recommend that all users take the time to complete the user tutorial and learn Modeler software. If you have never used it, we believe the user tutorial and manual will give you the knowledge you need to get started. The software also has a built-in searchable help file system.

For additional support, tips and tricks, join the Bose Pro Audio user community.

Is Modeler software available for the Apple macOS operating system?

While Modeler software is native to windows-based PC’s, many users successfully use Modeler with virtual machines on their macs.

Will Modeler software run on Windows using the Multilingual User Interface Pack (used to select a non-English language as the preferred language for menus and dialog boxes)?

Yes. However, if you are experiencing character display errors, please follow these instructions to resolve the issue:

• Go to the Control Panel
• Double-click on "Regional and Language Options"
• Click on the "Advanced" tab
• In the dropdown, select "English (United States)"
• Click "OK"
• Select "Yes" on the alert dialog
• Restart your computer
• Launch Modeler software
• Reselect your language from the language toolbar

What if I have already installed the application but my hardware key is not recognized?

The hardware key program very rarely fails to install at the end of Modeler software installation. But if it happens to you, please follow these steps:

  • Choose Programs > Accessories > Command prompt from the Start menu
  • Type \program files\bose\bose modeler 6.7\ and press enter (this is the default location of the install; please alter the directory/folder if you installed to a different location)
  • Type haspdinst -i and press enter

If I have technical questions related to the Modeler software or Auditioner system technology, whom should I contact?

Many of your questions can be answered by referring to the Modeler Software help file. You can also check for software updates and review application notes on this site for the latest information.

If these documentation sources do not answer your questions, please contact your local Bose Corporation representative.