ControlSpace SP-24 Editor software

ControlSpace SP-24 Editor software

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ControlSpace SP-24 Editor software provides access to the full signal processing power of the ControlSpace SP-24 sound processor. Using a simple, intuitive graphical user interface, the SP-24 Editor software allows you to use the SP-24 sound processor as a small system signal processor by accessing equalization, delay, routing and limiting functions.

Using the SP-24 Editor software, you can define signal processing parameters and store them as custom scenes while offline. Each scene can represent a unique set of routing, equalization, delay, limiting and gain parameters. Once connected to the SP-24 sound processor, up to four custom scenes can be uploaded and recalled during operation from the front panel user interface.

Maintenance functions within the SP-24 Editor software provide users with the ability to upgrade firmware and the Bose loudspeaker equalization database. If the SP-24 sound processor will be used with legacy Bose products, or replace an older Bose loudspeaker controller, the SP-24 Editor includes loudspeaker equalization curves for legacy and discontinued Bose professional loudspeakers.