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Lobby door to dance floor, conference call to pool-side party, our solutions are at your service.

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Why Bose

Whether your guests have arrived for important meetings, a lavish event, to unwind a bit — or all of the above — it’s important to deliver in every detail. That’s why our audio solutions are made to enhance each guest’s journey from the moment they step through your door.

A seamless guest experience
It’s about your property’s atmosphere; how great audio enables greater connection. Between staff and guests. Between conference presenters and their audience, ensuring the message connects, crystal clear. Or how the bar transforms from a daytime retreat to electrifying nighttime experience.

Easier operation for your staff
Your staff should be focused on guests, not learning or troubleshooting audio equipment. Our business music systems provide a better experience for your employees too — with intuitive controls and smart, automated settings tailored to your needs.

Flexible options for any space
Meeting rooms that can be easily configured to your guests’ needs. Portable PAs that are simple to setup and operate at a moment’s notice. Offering a consistent and flexible A/V experience across spaces and rooms is essential, and we have the proven solutions to accomplish just that.

“The Bose speakers perform especially well upstairs, where it’s a long, narrow room that’s usually hard to get good coverage in. The RoomMatch speakers cover everything. There are no dead spots. We are very satisfied with this system.”

Steve Sargent
Director of Operations, The Stillery


  • ARBOREA Marina Resort - Neustadt
  • Asian Post Office Restaurant
  • Arnold's
  • Boston Aloft
  • Boston Harbor Hotel
  • Book1 Design Hostel
  • Bristol Hotel, Bristol Hall, Norway
  • Burger Lobster, London
  • Britannia Hotel
  • Candella
  • Clarion Hotel Stavanger
  • clouds Heaven’s Bar & Kitchen
  • coast by east Hamburg
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Cuba Libra
  • Daydream Island Resort
  • Diesel Bar & Eatery
  • Finest Playa Mujeres
  • Gosch Restaurant, Sylt
  • Gummifabriken
  • Haz Restaurant
  • Hotel Danmark
  • Hotel Herman K
  • Hotel Ottilia
  • Hotel Passage, Czech Republic
  • Hotel SP34
  • H'ugo's Pizza-Bar-Lounge & Club
  • InterContinental Hotel, Ljubljana
  • Kaifu-Sole
  • Krønasår - Europa Park
  • La Folie Douce Hotel & Restaurant
  • Little Alley Steakhouse
  • Marikka's Restaurant
  • Morisson's Irish Pub
  • NissiBlu Beach Resort
  • Ostehuset
  • Otto Bar Mexico City
  • Periscope Restaurant
  • PJ's Bar-B-Q
  • Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Ship
  • Resid’Home Toulouse
  • Round One Bowling
  • Rulantica
  • Schloss Hotel Fleesensee
  • Setai
  • SKY2.0 - Dubai
  • Sonora Grill
  • The Fontenay
  • The Stillery
  • Veggie Grill
  • Villa Copenhagen
  • W London

Featured Case Studies



Arnold’s, one of Stockholm’s newest and most exciting restaurants, is located in Stureplan, one of the main squares in Stockholm's city center. A long-standing customer of Bose Professional, the building has housed several of Stureplansgruppen’s restaurant, bar and nightclub concepts over the years.
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Haz Restaurant

Haz Restaurant

The latest Haz Restaurant situated on Mincing Lane just off Fenchurch St in the heart of the city of London, is a fine example of a modern venue deserving of a high-quality sound system to enhance and complement the stylish interior.
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Hotel Ottila dining room

Hotel Ottilia

When renovating the site into a hotel in 2019, the goal was to preserve the unique atmosphere and architecture from its brewery days, which included incorporating many of the original machines into the interior design and layout of the space.
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Ostehuset dining room


Ostehuset opened in November 2018 in Norske Bank’s previous bank office on the historic Domkirkeplassen in the center of Stavanger. Given the historical character of the building, key challenges for the audio solution included identifying products that could work within very restricted construction parameters.
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Britannia Hotel

Britannia Hotel

The historic Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway, is welcoming guests once again after a three-year, top-to-bottom renovation.
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Veggie Grill

Daydream Island Resort

First opened to guests in 1939, Daydream Island Resort was completely renovated in 2019, including a new Bose pro audio system.
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