AudioPack Pro


AudioPack Pro is a background music and paging solution that brings the signature sound of Bose Professional to your business—all in one convenient, ready-to-install package. Inside the box are an amplifier and FreeSpace FS loudspeakers, perfectly paired and optimized to elevate the customer experience with premium audio. The ideal mix of performance and value, the solution delivers exceptional durability, clean design, and ease of installation.

  • FreeSpace FS loudspeakers provide durability and performance, pleasing aesthetics, and ease of installation—with remarkably consistent tonality
  • FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier delivers premium sound, simple setup, easy daily operation, and the flexibility to expand when more loudspeakers are required
  • Simple instructions available via QR code on the box that guide you through the install process—with professional tech support available if needed
  • Three different system packages for flexibility to meet your specific requirements
  • Hear the best of both music and voice with transducers that offer clear voice reproduction and smooth response for background music
  • Modern aesthetics and practical features blend with many room layouts. Available in black and white and includes removable logos for a cleaner, unbranded appearance
  • Public safety support—all FreeSpace FS models are UL 1480 ULC-S541-listed for use in fire alarm and signaling systems in life safety applications 

Available only in North America

Available only outside of North America