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Our mission supporting your vision.

Worship and multiplication are your mission. Audio and innovation are ours. Every week, in churches around the world, those two missions come together to support spoken word and worship with audio consistency, power, and clarity. We believe pro audio is about building incredible experiences. So when it comes to the Church, that means we're here to help you build up your people, your worship, and your mission. From portable to permanent and everywhere in between, this is what Bose Church audio solutions are all about — our mission supporting your vision.

Partner with Bose for church audio solutions designed for both spoken word and worship applications — with proven performance capabilities and innovative, proprietary technologies

Adopt an audio strategy that can grow with your church — backed by global Bose expertise, resources, and a variety of solutions for any church space or environment

Engage and encourage members and guests with immersive worship and compelling spoken word supported by great sound

Deliver greater connection in each ministry environment, from the parking lot and lobby to the sanctuary, children’s rooms, and cry room

Support the sound team with easy-to-operate solutions that offer audio consistency and clarity with less troubleshooting and frustration

Adapt easily with portable PA systems like the battery-powered Bose S1 Pro, great for indoors or outside, and the powerful Bose F1 Model 812, which can support gatherings up to 500 people

Invest in installed solutions that offer full coverage, fewer gaps, and superior clarity from a minimal footprint — so everyone can hear and understand — including ArenaMatch, RoomMatch, or ShowMatch loudspeaker systems

Support multi-use spaces, fellowship areas, and offices with dynamic sound from solutions like FreeSpace, DesignMax, and EdgeMax loudspeakers, PowerSpace amplifiers, ControlSpace DSPs, and Bose Work conferencing solutions 

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