Bose Professional has the right audio solution for your church.

Our mission supporting your vision

Worship and multiplication are your mission. Audio and innovation are ours.

Every week, in churches around the world, those two missions come together to support spoken word and worship with audio consistency, power, and clarity. We believe pro audio is about building incredible experiences. So when it comes to the Church, that means we're here to help you build up your people, your worship, and your mission.

From portable to permanent and everywhere in between, this is what The Sound of Church sound solutions are all about — our mission supporting your vision.



Every church is on a journey. And we know that each phase of that journey has its own challenges and learning curve. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a grassroots church-planting effort or seeking to expand or revitalize an established church, we have church audio solutions that can support your efforts in any season. Through our extensive consultant, integrator, and dealer network, we can offer support for your church through planning, purchase, and setup. Services through our network may include design consultations, Bose Professional Modeler designs, complete system packages, and more.


Sound of Church Community

There’s a lot to discover in the Sound of Church Community — articles, podcast, case studies, and more. But it all has one purpose — to help you learn how audio and other technologies can help you build up your people, enhance your worship, and empower your mission.


Audio for every space

A partner in every season

Of course, there’s more to your church building than its primary worship space. You have kids’ rooms, classrooms, the lobby, outdoor spaces, and more to think about. And all of these spaces present unique challenges. So, for your worship space and beyond, we offer a variety of audio solutions that all deliver simplicity, clarity, and full, satisfying Bose Professional sound — from portable PAs to fill a space at a moment’s notice to installed systems that support an entire campus.

Blueprint of a Church with examples of Bose Professional Solutions

1. Bose Professional worship space sound systems include innovative loudspeakers along with processors and amplifiers that deliver a consistent, quality experience with easy and reliable operation.

2. For children’s rooms, Bose Professional sound systems are easy to operate, versatile for multipurpose applications, and dependable for years of performance. Learn more here.     

3. Adapt easily with portable PA systems like the battery-powered Bose S1 Pro, the L1 Pro portable line array systems or the Bose F1 Model 812.

4. Two-way communication is key for retaining a younger audience. Connect remotely with all-in-one conferencing solutions like the Bose Professional Videobar VB1.

5. Bose Professional installed sound products like the FreeSpace, DesignMax, and EdgeMax loudspeakers, PowerSpace amplifiers, and signal processors, bring dynamic sound to lobbies, multi-use spaces, and fellowship areas.

6. Whether you’re using a battery-powered portable loudspeaker like the Bose S1 Pro or need a weather-proof installed solution like any of our AM or AMU loudspeakers or select DesignMax models, you can easily bring the clarity and power of Bose Professional audio systems outside on a patio or walkup space.



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