Church Expansion or Multi-Site Development

Growing your church beyond its original footprint is an exciting opportunity to expand your reach into the communities you serve. We know you’re looking for a campus-wide solution that covers spaces from the entryway to the café to the worship space itself. You may also have small group sessions connecting with church leadership remotely. No matter the challenge, our commitment to you is to help you get your church sound system right the first time, so it can serve your church for years to come.

How do I select a solution that covers my whole campus?

Bose DesignMax loudspeaker family, EdgeMax loudspeakers, and audio processors

Diverse options with simple installation: Whether your space has open ceilings or low ceilings, our DesignMax loudspeaker family offers church sound systems designed for every area beyond your worship space. Choose from 15 models for both background and foreground audio applications, each featuring a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and delivering signature Bose Professional sound.

Unique solutions for unique challenges: If your conference room or kids’ room has limited ceiling space and you’re struggling to find a solution, consider the EdgeMax EM90 or EM180 loudspeaker to provide full coverage with fewer loudspeakers. Have a space a little larger? Consider slim column line array loudspeakers.

Easy to install and designed to work as a complete system: From multichannel, high-output PowerMatch amplifiers for driving foreground and live music reproduction, to combination mixer/amplifiers like the versatile PowerShare line for background music, we offer a wide range of amplifier solutions. You can pair your audio solution with a processors like the Bose Professional CSP commercial sound processors for smaller standalone spaces like cafés and lobbies, or consider the ControlSpace ESP-880A DSP for high-quality sound in larger and multipurpose spaces.


How do I improve remote small-group, educational, and equipping opportunities?

Bose Videobar™ VB1

Technology that helps people stay connected and engaged: People are now comfortable connecting remotely, and that presents a huge opportunity for church expansion. Your church community can now stay connected and engaged virtually, especially in small groups, Bible study, and teaching applications where empathy, interaction, and two-way communication are key. In these types of virtual gatherings, the right technology can make all the difference. For example, consider the Bose Professional Videobar VB1 and its unique blend of simplicity and premium audio and video features.


What to look for in a church sound system design for my worship space?

Versatility in design: Our AMM multipurpose loudspeakers address most challenges that arise in worship spaces of varying sizes and shapes. Their compact size makes them a sleek and unobtrusive addition to your space and the proprietary Beamwidth Matching Waveguide ensures signature Bose Professional sound quality. The AMM loudspeakers feature consistent voicing with AM array modules, AMU utility loudspeakers and the SMS118 subwoofer. By combining these three complementary loudspeaker lines — AM, AMU, and AMM — a tailored church sound system can be created to address your church’s exact needs, delivering complete coverage and incredible clarity and tonal quality.

Bose AM, AMU, and AMM speakers

Looking for a sound system for expanding churches and multi-site development?

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