Church Planting

Portability, flexibility, growth potential. This is our commitment to you. Planting a church requires strong vision combined with the ability to adapt at a moment's notice. When it comes to sound systems for church planting, we understand the challenges of moving from portable to permanent and can help you with your transition. Bose Professional audio solutions can adapt with you, so you can expand or repurpose your church audio system as your church grows and ministries expand. 


What to look for in a good audio solution for a space with low ceilings?

Consistent coverage: Our AMM multipurpose loudspeakers are ideal for these types of challenges. Their compact size makes them a sleek and unobtrusive addition to your space and their proprietary Beamwidth Matching Waveguide ensures signature Bose Professional sound quality. It aligns the low and high beamwidths through the crossover region to deliver excellent tonal consistency across the coverage area and helps to avoid unwanted acoustic reflection and potential sources of feedback.

Growth potential: As your church continues to grow, an investment in AMM loudspeakers continues to benefit you. They are designed to mix and match with our AMU utility loudspeakers and AM array loudspeakers, allowing for easy expansion of your church sound system as needed. 


What are the benefits of using a portable PA?

Built-in amplifiers: Powered Bose loudspeakers like the S1 Pro portable PA, F1 Model 812 flexible array loudpeaker, L1 Pro16 and L1 Pro32 portable line arrays make an excellent choice as they don't require external amplifiers. 

Indoor/outdoor versatility: As your church grows, portable PA systems become excellent tools to have for impromptu outdoor events or multipurpose spaces.

Space-saving convenience: Portable PA systems take up minimal space in storage and are easy to move, set up, and operate, requiring minimal training and expertise. 

Looking for a sound system for a church plant?

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