Church Audio Decisions

How Experienced Hands at the NewGround Group and Gateway Church Approach a Church’s Audio Purchasing Decisions

Audio equipment is one of the most important — and expensive — purchases that your church will make. It’s critical to the quality of your worship and the experience of your members. How can you increase the chances of making the right decision on audio equipment?

Don Allensworth, President at the NewGround Group, and Brandon Conn, Senior Audio Engineer at Gateway Church, helped sort out the best place to start with the process and what people need to know when getting the right audio solution for their church.

“We understand that most churches have budget constraints when it comes to buying decisions related to technology,” Conn said.  “How does a church know where to start, and even more important, how do they know what not to buy? What pieces of equipment are not necessary?”

Don Allensworth and Brandon Conn provide best practices for purchasing the proper church audio and visual solutions.

What to Know

Knowing the right information at the beginning of the buying process is an excellent first step.

Allensworth believes audio is a long-term consideration which requires accurate information and good planning before purchasing.

“Audio is in the air typically three-to-five times longer than projection or lighting or even front-of-house gear,” Allensworth said. “We know we have to get audio right. People will listen a lot longer if your audio is good.”

Where to Start

So, where should a church start to make these decisions?

“It starts with what a church’s needs are,” Allensworth said. “What is their worship style? Room shape? Is it a church plant? Is it a multi-site church? Are they upgrading or remodeling a room and replacing their audio? Or is it new construction?”

And with each of these scenarios, looking at the infrastructure and power supply for these rooms is essential. Designing each room's audio needs before making a purchase will save money in the long run, and the purchased equipment will do what the church expects it to do. Allensworth mentioned that Bose’s engineers with their Modeler acoustic design software could come in and help a church design a room for the sound to ensure the right audio result.

Key Points

Key points:

  • Audio is a critical component for connecting people in worship.
  • An incorrect audio setup will generate additional costs down the road.
  • Create an audio plan to achieve desired results.