Bose Church Announces Collaboration with Mission of Hope

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus said “He who has ears, let him hear,” but in some environments that’s easier in theory than in practice.

Mission of Hope (MOH) operates in many of those places, working to spread the gospel, feed and educate in places like Haiti, Guatemala, Turks and Caicos, and the Dominican Republic.

While the pandemic has made traditional mission trips difficult, it’s also meant many churches have a portion of their budget they’re not sure how to spend. Don Allensworth, President of The NewGround Group, said a new collaboration between Bose Church and MOH presents a unique opportunity to utilize those resources and help the local church in these countries.

“The church is the hub of these communities. Far beyond just the weekly worship services and their gatherings, they are investing in their communities and their regions. I’m excited to announce that Bose Church is stepping in with Mission of Hope in a greater way to provide audio support and systems for these churches in need,” Allensworth said. “So, we’ve been working together with Bose Church and integrators and Mission of Hope to identify the best way to provide portable systems, battery-powered systems, rugged systems that will work beyond power in an effort to be able to really take advantage of this season.”

Products like the Bose S1 Pro, a portable PA system with Bluetooth® technology, not only are extremely useful for use in churches where electricity often is not available or only is available sporadically, but also have shown impressive resilience in harsh environments. Austin Holmes, Vice President, Programs and Government Relations at Mission of Hope, saw those environments first-hand living in Haiti for years and said the group is thrilled with new opportunity around Bose equipment.

“We’re so appreciative. I can’t really overstate the value this brings, so thank you on the behalf of our church supporters and pastors across the countries where they work,” Holmes said. “I’m sitting here thinking about the work, but what kind of blew me away with these systems was, man, they’re stinking rugged. I’ve worked across some tough environments and I can tell you that when we bring computers down, most of the time this stuff doesn’t last.

“Seeing how these things hold up in tough environments, looking at a system that can produce sound where I don’t have 50 knobs and levers we’ve got to plug in … the simplicity, the durability, the mobility of these, it’s a tremendous asset to these churches that are really facilitating a tremendous amount of service and care to their communities.”