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“Physics Girl” Dianna Cowern — Bose Better Connected Podcast

What enables important conversations? First, it’s the people willing to have them. And second — when distance is an obstacle — the technology used to facilitate them.

That’s the focus of the Better Connected podcast from Bose. In this podcast series, we invite leaders across diverse fields to share how they use technology to collaborate, improve, and inspire.

In a world that’s more connected than ever, how can we be better connected?

Justin O’Connor, Category Marketing Manager at Bose, first speaks with YouTuber and “Scientific Communicator” Dianna Cowern, known to her followers as “Physics Girl.”

Dianna Cowern

Justin O'Connor

Connecting with Virtual Audiences with Dianna Cowern

In this episode, “Connecting with Virtual Audiences,” Dianna discusses how to build trust and engagement while delivering complex ideas to diverse virtual audiences by using effective and authentic communication.

Dianna offers insights on the support of virtual platforms and their evolution in becoming pivotal in communication and learning. She talks about how to best present complex information in ways that facilitate understanding while keeping people immersed.

Key Points

Communicating in bite-size chunks can resonate more with virtual audiences.

Being personable in virtual communications drives greater engagement.

Virtual platforms evolved during the pandemic to drive better connections.

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About Dianna

Dianna has always been passionate about science and making it more accessible. While earning a degree in physics at MIT, she started the YouTube channel Physics Girl. Over two million subscribers tune into her episodes, which focus on explaining complex phenomena in much more easily digestible ways. She answers viewer questions, inspiring curiosity in science.

What began as something fun became a pathway to being a respected scientific communicator, following in the footsteps of her inspirations, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. It became her full-time career after winning The Flame Challenge with her “What Is Color?” content created for fifth graders. Dianna has never shied away from leading with her personality and passion, and her focus on storytelling has enabled her to connect effectively with her community of millions.

She’s a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree for her contributions to education, and she continues to curate all her own content independently.

While her story is unique, Dianna also notes how to apply her success to business environments, including what’s necessary to be effective and the technology to use.