Episode 2

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly — Bose Better Connected Podcast

In a world that’s more connected than ever, how can we be better connected?

Answering that question is the central theme of the Bose Better Connected podcast. This podcast series features leaders from diverse fields discussing how to solve challenges around remote collaboration and effective communication in a virtual world.

In this second episode, Justin O’Connor, Category Marketing Manager at Bose, welcomes former NASA astronaut and U.S. Navy Captain and test pilot Scott Kelly.

Scott Kelly

Justin O'Connor

Innovative Problem Solving with Scott Kelly

Tune in to see how Scott applies his experience of communicating and interacting in unique and challenging scenarios as well as staying productive in remote environments — most notably outer space.

Of course, clear communication at a distance was critical to his missions and the challenges he and his team faced. Chief among those challenges? Isolation, which is something a growing number of people have experienced firsthand.

Scott discusses the role of technology in facilitating communication with those back on Earth and what it’s like to foster a team culture when thousands of miles separate your team. He touches specifically on maintaining clarity around roles and responsibilities in a remote chain of command. Finally, he shares the top lessons on communication that any group can apply to their situation.

Key Points

Remote teams must foster an environment of trust through communication.

Technology plays a significant role in communicating within extreme environments.

Leaders should use all tools at their discretion to bring people together.

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About Scott

Scott has a 25-year career in the U.S. Navy, rising to the rank of Captain. He also served as a military fighter and test pilot. He retired from active duty in 2012.

His odyssey into space began in 1996, embarking on four space flights, acting as commander in three of those, including as commander of the ISS (International Space Station).

Scott holds the NASA record for the longest number of days spent in space in a single spaceflight at 340. In 2016, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) appointed him the UN Champion for Space. In this role, he assists in raising awareness of UNOOSA and its activities.

Scott is also an accomplished author with memoirs and children’s books. Looking to the future, he has hinted at the possibility of running for office like his twin brother Mark Kelly, currently serving the people of Arizona in the U.S. Senate.