L1 Portable Line Array Systems

Clear, natural, powerful sound delivered with the widest possible coverage.


Spend less time setting up your gear and more time enjoying it.

The L1 Model portable line array systems delivers a potent combination of portability and performance. They’re compact and light enough to make setup quick and easy, yet powerful enough to fill a mid-sized venue. 

L1 being used on stage
L1 being used on stage

Put your PA behind you

The vertical configuration of the system's small, closely spaced drivers allows the L1 systems to project sound forward and to the sides—delivering 180-degree coverage—but very little up and down, reducing unwanted reverberation. This produces consistent tonal balance as sound spreads more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the volume level drops off much more slowly than with a conventional speaker.

Unique Bose technologies enable the system to serve as both PA and monitor. It can be positioned behind or to the side of the performer—and you hear just what the audience hears. You're in control, and there's no need for conventional monitors, mixers and PA systems.

Convenience to go

The components of the L1 Model system—upper array, lower extension and power stand—connect quickly and easily without the need for separate speaker stands. Setup and breakdown take just minutes. And everything stores neatly into the included carry bags, making transport easy, too.

Dual L1 system set up on stage

Where to buy

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