AMM – Gain Sharing AMM Control Panel

The control panel for the Gain Sharing Automatic Microphone Mixer provides control and monitoring for the mixer inputs, mixer output, and the functioning of the Gain Sharing algorithm.

Input Meters

The Input Meter on each channel displays the level of each channel’s incoming audio signal.

Autogain Meters

The AutoGain Meter on each channel displays the amount of dynamic gain adjustment being applied to each channel.


The Priority setting of each channel allows a channel or group of channels to override other channels. Priority 1 is the highest Priority setting and will override any channels with other Priority settings. For example, this allows a chairman’s microphone to always be heard above any other microphone in the Gain Sharing AMM.


Engaging the Bypass button will allow the channel’s signal to pass through the Gain Sharing AMM without being modified by the Gain Sharing algorithm. Channel controls such as Mute and Gain will still affect the signal.

The Gain Control is equivalent to the fader on a traditional mixer and may be used to adjust the volume of individual microphones while using the Gain Sharing AMM.

Engaging the Mute button will mute the channel’s signal to both the mix and direct outputs of the Gain Sharing AMM.

Mute Group
If multiple channels are placed in the same Mute Group, muting or unmuting any channel in that group will control every channel in that group.

Invert Logic Output
The logic outputs of the Gain Sharing AMM will be high when the associated channel is active and low when the channel is inactive. Turning on Invert Logic Output will reverse this functionality.

Output Section
The Output Section provides a meter, gain control, and mute for the Gain Sharing AMM’s main, mixed output. These controls will have no effect on the direct outputs of the Gain Sharing AMM.


The Advanced button provides access to adjustments to how the Gain Sharing AMM reacts to input signals. In most cases, these controls are unnecessary, but may be adjusted for difficult rooms or unusual usages.

Bypass All
The Bypass All button allows the Gain Sharing AMM algorithm to be simultaneously bypassed for all channels. This will affect all signals to both the main output and the direct outputs. Bypassing the Gain Sharing AMM algorithm will cause the Gain Sharing AMM to perform as a traditional mixer.


The Link control is used when linking multiple Gain Sharing AMMs to function as a single device. When manually linking multiple Gain Sharing AMMs, one AMM is set as the Master and all others are set as Slave devices.