Connecting – Retrieve Saved Design

Before updating firmware in a ControlSpace® device, it is good practice to ensure that any existing design has been pulled from the DSP device and saved on the computer. This is important as a precaution against any problems that might occur during the firmware update, such as a loss of power. There may also be some cases in which an older design will not run properly with newer firmware. After loading new firmware, it is always recommended to Go Online and use Send to Devices to ensure that the design file properly matches the firmware.

Normally, a design can be retrieved from the device by simply going online and using Get from Devices. If the device has older firmware, this may be impossible because ControlSpace Designer may not be able to go online with the device until after the firmware has been updated.

This problem can be resolved using the Retrieve Saved Design command in the System menu. When executing the Retrieve Saved Design command, ControlSpace Designer will retrieve the existing design from the DSP without trying to go online to the device. After retrieving the design, save it to the computer, perform the firmware update, and then Go Online and Send to Devices.