ControlSpace EX-UH USB Endpoint

The Bose ControlSpace® EX-UH is a Dante® endpoint for USB and telephone headset connections.

Mounting, Ethernet, and Power
All mounting options, Ethernet and Dante connectivity, and power connections for the EX-UH are identical to those on the EX-4ML and EX-8ML endpoints. Refer to the EX-4ML and EX-8ML section for more information.

The micro-USB port on the front panel of the EX-UH will appear in a connected PC as stereo inputs and outputs. These virtual inputs and outputs in the PC may be selected in Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, or other soft codecs. The audio from these connections is routed over Dante to the host DSP device and may be wired into the system just like any other codec or phone connection.

Telephone Headset
The RJ-11 and mini phone jack Telephone Headset connections provide an additional way to connect a telephone to a ControlSpace EX system. The RJ-11 and mini phone jacks are wired in parallel, so only one should be connected. The audio from these connections is transmitted over Dante and appears in the host DSP as a stereo input to the DSP and mono output from the DSP. To make a call using a ControlSpace EX system connected to one of these ports, the user dials the phone as normal, enters any conference codes needed by the bridge, and then presses the headset button. When the call is over, the user presses the disconnect button. This allows the benefits of professional microphones, speakers, and AEC processing without requiring a control system in the room.

The USB port and the Telephone Headset ports are independent of each other and may both be used simultaneously.