CRR – RC Groups

A Room Combine Group (RCGroup) is used to identify which Conference Room Routers (CRR) are intended to function together. Up to six CRRs may be added to each RCGroup. These CRRs may exist in the same devices or in different devices. To add a CRR to an RCGroup, click and drag the CRR from the Device View to the RCGroups window and drop the CRR onto the appropriate RCGroup. A CRR may not be added to more than one RCGroup.

When CRRs are added to an RCGroup, each CRR receives additional inputs and outputs for signals used in room combining, as well as an input and output for the chain signal from the local Automatic Microphone Mixer.

In addition to signal routing, the RCGroup also manages the synchronization of audio controls for the rooms in the group. While rooms are combined, the Master Controls for the combined rooms are synchronized and will remain synchronized while the rooms are combined. This includes the Non-Mic Mix level/mute, the Mic Mix level/mute, and the Master Volume level/mute.

When combining rooms and synchronizing controls, the CRR will never increase a volume level or unmute a mute button. When two rooms become combined, the level controls will be synchronized to the current level of the lowest control, and mute buttons will become muted if any of the combined rooms were muted prior to being combined.