Design View – Duplicate

The Duplicate command is available on the right-click context menu of each processing object or can be executed by selecting one or more processing objects and hitting CTRL-D on the keyboard. The Duplicate command can be used on individual processing objects or on groups of processing objects including the interconnect wiring between selected objects. The first use of the Duplicate command will create a copy of the selected object(s) and place the new object(s) directly below the original. When using the Duplicate command on multiple objects, the new objects will be shifted down to avoid any overlapping of objects or wires.

After using the Duplicate command, the new object(s) will be selected rather than the original object(s). This allows the immediate reuse of the Duplicate command to create additional copies directly below the new object(s).

Duplicated objects will have all the parameter values, labels, and settings of the original object(s).

The Duplicate command can also be used on devices in the Project View. When a device is duplicated, the new device will have all the processing objects, parameter values, labels, and settings of the original device.

  • The IP Address of the new device will be incremented to the next available IP address in the Project.
  • Parameter Sets, Groups, Timers, and RCGroups created with objects in the original device will not be duplicated.