Hardware Introduction for ControlSpace EX-1280C

The Bose ControlSpace EX-1280C has 166 potential input and output channels, and front panel metering is provided for every channel. This includes:

•   12 mic/line analog inputs
•   8 analog line level outputs
•   2 mono, SIP 2.0 compliant VoIP phone lines
•   1 mono PSTN analog phone line for worldwide phone connections
•   1 micro-USB port provides a stereo in/out connection to a PC for soft codecs
•   8 channels of AmpLink, ultra-low latency digital audio outputs
•   and 64 channels each of Dante inputs and Dante outputs

In addition to the audio connections, the EX-1280C also provides multiple control options.

•   5 general purpose control inputs and 5 general purpose control outputs are provided for connection to buttons, sensors, and alarms.
•   An RS-232C connection is provided by a 3-wire Euroblock connection.
•   A second 3-wire Euroblock provides CC-16 wall controller connections which are also compatible with other RS-485 control interfaces.
•   Ethernet programming from ControlSpace designer and Ethernet control from control systems is available via the Ethernet port labeled ControlSpace.

The second USB connection is currently not supported.