IP Address – Hardware

When there is no DHCP server present, manually assigned static IP addresses will provide the most stable network conditions for most systems. ControlSpace® Designer can set manual IP addresses for ControlSpace devices using the Hardware Manager.

Setting the IP address of Bose ControlSpace® EX device
Your computer's IP address
The first step is to ensure that your computer’s IP address is set in a range that will match the ControlSpace device. When working with ControlSpace EX devices, set your computer’s IP address to DHCP or “Obtain an IP address automatically”. This will cause your computer to obtain an IP address in the same manner as the EX processor. If there is a DHCP server available, the computer will get an IP address from the DHCP server. If there is no DHCP server available, the computer will assign itself an IP address in the 169.254.x.x range.
When working with PowerMatch® amplifiers and ControlSpace devices other than the EX series, DHCP is not supported and your computer’s IP address and subnet mask will need to be set manually. The default IP addresses for devices other than the ControlSpace EX products are

  • – 4-channel PowerMatch amp
  • – 8-channel PowerMatch amp
  • – ESP Digital Signal Processors
  • – CC-64 Control Center

Host Network Interface

Next, open the Hardware Manager in the System menu and confirm that ControlSpace Designer is configured to use the correct network interface. Many computers will have multiple network interfaces available and ControlSpace Designer needs to know which interface to use. Click the drop-down list under, “Host Network Interface” and select the network that has ControlSpace devices connected to it.

Current Project Settings
Network settings for the currently open Project in ControlSpace Designer must match the network settings being used by the hardware. The Project network settings can be modified by clicking the “Change” button in the Current Project Settings area. If the ControlSpace EX hardware is set to default, use as the Project Network Address and as the Subnet Mask. The Gateway Address is often unused and may be left at the default value.

After the Project settings are correct, click on the Discover Devices button in the Hardware Manager. Any attached ControlSpace devices in the correct IP subnet will appear in the Device List.

Setting a static IP address in the same subnet
In the Hardware Manager’s Device List, click on the checkbox to the left of the device you want to change. This will expand the Hardware Manager to include the Network Settings controls. In the Network Connection section, click on the radio button next to, “Static IP”.

Note that the fields for New IP Address are only partially editable. When assigning a new IP address to a ControlSpace device, the new address must be within the subnet defined by the Current Project Settings. To change the automatic IP address to a static IP address in this range, enter the new address in these fields and then click the Update button. Note that the Update button is at the bottom of the Device List next to the Wink button. When prompted to reboot the device, click OK.

Setting a static IP address in a different subnet

To set a ControlSpace device to an IP address in a different subnet, you first need to change the Current Project Settings. To do this, click on the Change button in the Current Project Settings area. Only some of the fields in the New Project Network Address are editable. These are determined by the Subnet Mask setting, and ControlSpace Designer will only allow you to enter values that fall within the selected subnet. In most cases, you will want to enter the Subnet Mask first and then enter the Project Network Address. For example, if we want to use static IP address of, we need to first change the Subnet Mask to, and then change the Project Network Address to

After making these changes, the hardware in the Device List will show a status of, “Out of project”. This indicates that the hardware’s current IP address does not match the Project settings. Select the checkbox next to the device you want to change and click the radio button next to Static IP. Again, not all the IP address fields can be changed, but it is now possible to select an address in the range. Enter, “101” in the available IP address field and click the “Update” button. Note that the Update button is located at the bottom of the Device List, next to the “Wink” button. When prompted to reboot the device, click OK.

If there are additional devices that need to be changed, select each device in the Device List and update the IP address.

After the ControlSpace device has rebooted, it will be using the new IP address. You will not be able to discover the device because it is no longer in the same subnet as the computer. To repopulate the Device list, change the computer’s IP address to an address in the range, reopen the Hardware Manager, and click the “Discover Devices” button.