Logic - Parameter Set Recall

Logic in ControlSpace® Designer version 5 can be used to trigger Parameter Set recalls. The Parameter Set Recall object can be placed in the device view and connected to the logic outputs on any other object. After placing the Parameter Set Recall object in the device view, double-click on the object to access the control panel and assign one Parameter Set to each input node. The listed Parameter Set will be recalled when the assigned node is ON.

If Parameter Sets are being recalled by an external control system, having the external control system pulse a logic input, rather than directly triggering the Parameter Set, allows logic programming to restrict when the control system is allowed to trigger Parameter Sets. A simple AND_ALL object along with a NOT could prevent the control system from triggering a Parameter Set recall during an ongoing VoIP call.

Another example would be using the control inputs from an EX-4ML, wired to momentary contact buttons, to control the mutes on an automatic microphone mixer while simultaneously allowing the users to trigger a Parameter Set recall by pressing and holding any microphone button for more than three seconds.