Logic - Predefined Objects

ControlSpace® Designer version 5 offers a group of predefined logic objects that illustrate common functions found in teleconferencing environments. Each of these objects is a standard Logic Block which can be opened and modified as needed.

The 4-channel and 8-channel Latch All objects take multiple momentary contact inputs and use them to provide latching control of multiple outputs. In a teleconferencing room, you would use logic processing like this if you wanted to use the mic mute button on any microphone to mute and unmute every microphone simultaneously.

Some teleconference microphones use a single contact closure to switch the status LED between red and green. Others use one contact closure for red and one for green. The 4-channel and 8-channel LED split objects illustrate the logic needed for use with mics that have individual contacts for each LED color. Each input drives two outputs through a NOT object so that only one output of each pair is on at any time.

The 4- and 8-channel Latch Plus Global objects illustrate the use of an OR_ALL to provide a privacy mute which can force all microphones into mute state.

The 4- and 8-channel TOGGLE/FF objects illustrate the use of a TOGGLE/FLIP Object to provide master mute and unmute for multiple microphone channels.