Timers – Current Time

Applies to:

  • ControlSpace EX-1280C
  • ControlSpace Designer software

When using Timers, it is important that the current time, time zone, and daylight-saving time settings in the DSP are correct. When ControlSpace® Designer sends a configuration file to a device, the device’s current time, time zone, and daylight-saving time settings are all set to match those in the computer.

To verify or set the time and date settings in Windows, hold the windows key while pressing R, and then type “timedate.cpl” in the Run window and hit Enter. The Date and Time control panel is used to set the current date and time as well as the appropriate time zone.

The daylight-saving time settings in Windows are located on the Region control panel. To access the Region control panel, follow the procedure above and type intl.cpl. Daylight saving time settings are located on the Location tab of this control panel.

In order for Timers to function reliably, all of these parameters within Windows must be set correctly to ensure that the correct information is sent to the DSP devices.