Under Table Boxes – Control Panels

When working with an Under-Table Box (UTB), it’s important to note that there are two different control panels that serve different purposes.

Device Control Panel
The Device Control Panel for each UTB is accessed by double-clicking on the UTB in the Project View. This control panel provides controls for the physical device. The device control panel for all UTBs includes an Identify button, which will flash all the LEDs on the device; a Connected indicator, which shows the status of the device on the Dante Network; and a Signal present indicator for each channel. For the EX-4ML and EX-8ML, each channel on the device control panel also includes controls for that channel’s input gain and phantom power as well as test buttons and status indicators for the GPIO ports. All the controls and indicators on each panel are directly associated with the UTB hardware. 











Object Control Panel

Audio from each UTB is transmitted via Dante® to the host EX-1280C. The Dante Input object in the design view offers an additional Object Control Panel with Input Level and Mute control. This control panel does not control the UTB hardware and only applies changes to the specific Dante input block within that DSP. Using manual Dante routing, it is possible to have the audio from a single UTB delivered to multiple DSP devices. Each Dante input block will have its own control panel for the Input Levels and Mute controls which apply only to that Dante input block.