Bose® RoomMatch® System Provides the Sound for the Multi-Purpose Brick Breeden Fieldhouse at Montana State University

The Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, is home to MSU Bobcats basketball games and other sports, including track events and the annual statewide high school volleyball tournament, as well as the occasional rodeo. The field house, which seats 7,250 people, has a Bose® Professional RoomMatch® sound system installed and has become host to a far wider range of events, including meetings and conferences, receptions, concerts and trade expos. Locally-based AV systems integrator Black Box Design, of Big Timber, Montana, installed a powerful system composed of 28 RoomMatch array modules to perfectly match the room’s acoustical needs, plus four RMS218 dual-18-inch subwoofers. The system is powered by a total of 15 PowerMatch® PM8500N networked amplifiers.


Doug Brekke, President of Black Box Design, knows the Fieldhouse and the college well — he graduated from Montana State with a degree in electrical engineering and worked there as a student volunteer before starting his own AV business and becoming an area vendor. He teamed up with Bridgewater Acoustics, the regional Bose dealer, to design the RoomMatch system for the space.

It was Brekke’s first RoomMatch installation, and he was impressed: “I’m delighted to be able to have line-array performance in an installed-system configuration — it’s the best of both worlds, in terms of performance for both music and speech intelligibility,” he says. “The coverage we achieved was fantastic, on the floor and the seating areas. The RoomMatch system just has great performance characteristics.”

Melanie Stocks, Director of the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, agrees and notes the benefits that have arisen with the new sound system. “Before last May, when the new system was installed, the ways we could use the Fieldhouse were rather limited,” she explains. “We could do basketball games and track meets, and some music, but even those were subject to having less-than-pristine sound. But since the new system went in, it’s been wonderful. There are no more complaints about the sound; instead, there are compliments about it, including from the additional customers who rent the space. The old sound system was holding us back. The new Bose system has changed all that. And in addition to better sound, it’s also easier for us and our customers to use it — all of the controls are accessible through a Crestron LCD display. Our entire staff has been trained on it and we no longer need to keep a tech on hand. Working with Bose, with Doug and Black Box Design, and Jay [Bridgewater] at Bridgewater Acoustics, has been a great experience. The RoomMatch system has been the best thing to happen here for sound.”