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Diesel Bar & Eatery is the latest venture in a line of successful nightlife institutions in Melbourne. Nestled in Melbourne’s Little Lon district, Diesel is the brainchild of Jamie Nasser, director of the A.C.E. Group, who has a history of delivering long-standing and notable nightclubs throughout the city, including Chasers, Billboard, Metro and Silvers. With Diesel, however, Nasser took innovative nightlife design to a new level. The two-story megabar was designed with versatility in mind. The ground floor offers a contemporary, sophisticated bar and eatery for 60 guests, while the upper level—open only at night—provides a more traditional nightlife experience with a dance floor and an impressive bar. The dual nature of the venue called for an audio solution to match, ready to deliver both the modern, relaxed brunch experience and the energy of late-night revelry.

F1 Model 812 powered flexible array loudspeaker

The Bose Professional Solution

Bose Pro partner Warehouse Sound was tasked with developing a comprehensive audio solution that delivered quality sound from the center of the dance floor to every corner of the restaurant below. To accomplish these goals and exceed expectations, the client and installer agreed that the Bose F1 loudspeakers were the best choice for the job. Providing flexibility and performance without sacrificing coverage and clarity, even in the face of elevated volume, the F1 series loudspeakers delivered. The desired result was achieved with far fewer speakers than expected in a multi-level, multi-functional space, and the final result was an audio solution that catered to all of Diesel Bar’s patrons.

“We use a lot of the Bose F1s. I find that the music and the sound is more of a surround sound experience. People want to talk in certain areas and have it loud on the dance floor. On a normal night, we get a lot of people after work. We’re very popular for a lot of different functions. We’ve even done a wedding here. So this is a very versatile space.” 

– Jamie Nasser, Director, A.C.E. Group


Diesel Bar & Eatery Case Study
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