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The idea of Buskercase was born in 2016: an innovative, portable, modular mini stage that was easy to transport and assemble for buskers and performers to use while also providing acoustic support by aiming music toward the audience. 

Andrea Benedetti, CEO and founder of Buskercase, formed the initial concept and built the first prototype out of cardboard. As an architectural engineering student working on his thesis at the University of Perugia, Benedetti set off to create a functional and practical structure that was designed to enhance outdoor musical performances.

In 2019, Andrea met Pierluigi Vona, a product designer at FabLab — a digital manufacturing laboratory and makerspace in Turin, Italy. They started working together on Buskercase and built a new, configurable module prototype, and today this versatile structure can be built into ten different stage configurations. The new case now “sets the stage” for audiences where the performer is the focal point and acoustics are enhanced, creating a unique experience for both artists and listeners.

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The Bose Professional Solution

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The Buskercase proved to be an excellent backdrop, providing the acoustic support performers needed for smaller gigs. When opportunities arose to perform at larger festivals and crowds, the need for amplification became increasingly apparent.

During the Keep On festival in Rome, Italy, it became clear that playing without amplification did not provide enough sound volume to rise above the surrounding festivities. 

It was at this festival that Benedetti and Vona first met the show’s official technical sponsor, Bose Professional. After learning about the capabilities of the Bose portable systems and specifically about the battery-driven S1 Pro System, the inventors realized this type of advanced technology was exactly what the case needed to evolve to bigger gigs. 

“Together with Bose, Buskercase started to revolutionize the idea of outdoor performances, making them possible everywhere, in every context. The acoustic benefit provided by the structure was maximized thanks to the two Bose S1 Pro loudspeakers,” Benedetti shared. “Musicians love the configurations possible with the Buskercase, and with the power of the Bose system, they’re loving the sound even more.”  

Benedetti’s vision of creating a new way to perform in outdoor locations had been further amplified with the addition of the Bose S1 Pro; however, the team didn’t stop there. 

In the summer of 2020, Benedetti and Vona focused on evolving the Buskercase again by providing electro music performers the opportunity and possibility to use the structure. To do this, they needed a system that was more powerful with low energy consumption yet still portable, quick to set up and providing clear, powerful low frequencies for live shows of up to 200 people.

With this new goal in mind, Bose suggested incorporating a solar, panel-driven generator that could power non-battery PA systems with two Bose L1 Pro8 portable line array systems and two S1 Pro Systems.

“The structure acoustically directs the performance towards the audience and the solar powered generator makes it incredibly environmentally friendly — the Bose L1 Pro system does the rest!” stated Vona.

In September of 2021, Magic Mountains Festival — a non-profit project in Umbria, Italy, supporting the enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage of the Sibillini National Park — awarded Buskercase as the main stage provider. Thrilled by the opportunity, Buskercase successfully utilized its new full setup with the Bose L1 Pro8 and S1 Pro systems. 

“We amplified five hours of music at 1570 meters above sea level without the possibility of plugging into a power grid,” Benedetti raved. “The L1 Pro8 really is a portable and powerful PA system that makes the setup logistics easy. In thirty minutes we had built the structure, connected the L1 Pro systems and the show began.”

Vona added that it’s more than just a backdrop and a power source, it’s "enhancing outdoor artistic performances, making them unique for the artist, the public and the urban space that hosts them.” Through the Bose L1 Pro8 and S1 Pro systems, Buskercase is realizing their goal: creating a versatile, easy-to-set up and sustainable performance solution, making Buskercase a perfect match for the needs performers have in our changing world.

Today Buskercase collaborates with festivals, city administrations, companies, and a variety of associations to quickly bring music where a traditional stage setup won’t work. Thanks to Buskercase, it’s possible to imagine a show anywhere and without the limitation of connecting to electricity, ensuring many hours of play — all while leveraging the power of the sun.

Tent_ L1 Pro8

“Through the Bose L1 Pro8 and S1 Pro systems, Buskercase is realizing their goal: creating a versatile, easy-to-set up and sustainable performance solution, making Buskercase a perfect match for the needs performers have in our changing world.”

 — Pierluigi Vona,
 Product Designer at FabLab

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