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The ability to adapt to a variety of audiences in different settings is a quality required for today’s musicians. Artists need to be flexible enough to perform on a wide range of stages, distribute their music through different platforms, and leverage the technological advances available in instruments, software and audiovisual equipment used in rehearsals and performances. Lúa Kalá is a talented singer-songwriter and represents that ideal modern musician. 

She divides her time between creative sessions and rehearsals while performing for the social causes close to her heart and her growing fan base. In each of these endeavors, Kalá makes sure the technology she needs is always close at hand, including the Bose portable systems that provide the freedom of movement and superior audio quality she needs for all of her activities. “I would classify my style as city jazz. With my band, we mix styles, improvise,” explains Kalá. “We enjoy both rehearsals and shows and give ourselves great creative freedom.”

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Kalá’s powerful vocal talent was educated in a mix of styles, from soul and R&B to reggae and boogie-woogie. She is fluent in several languages, which adds to her interpretation of cover music across multiple languages, making music more accessible. 

Lúa Kalá on stage with band behind her.

Kalá manages her artistic career from Mexico City with the help of her representative and band. To facilitate her work and style, Kalá and her manager, Miguel Ángel Toledo, who also serves as the band’s drummer, pay close attention to the musical instruments and audiovisual equipment they use. 

The Bose Professional Solution

To support their diverse audio needs, they used either the Bose L1 Model II portable line array system with the B2 Bass Module or the S1 Pro multi-position PA system. Regardless of the system they used, they added either the ToneMatch T4S or T8S mixer to deliver the sound and power they needed.

“I have two L1 Modell II systems, which are used at both rehearsals and for shows. For the more intimate shows and events that do not require a lot of equipment, I use the S1 Pro for the portability and ease of connectivity,” shared Kalá. “I can easily carry and operate each of them, meaning I don’t need an audio technician to connect and adjust the sound.”

Lúa Kalá sitting with Bose S1 Pro
Lúa Kalá walking away with Bose S1 Pro

Committed to different social causes, Kalá regularly performs at a jazz club in southern Mexico City, holding benefit concerts that require the power of the L1 Model II loudspeaker system and B2 Bass Module. Its adaptability to different venue shapes and sizes makes it her favorite audio system.

“When we perform indoors, we’ll use two L1 Model II systems, and, depending on the band configuration — whether we’re performing big band or as a jazz quartet— we’ll connect them to a T4S or a T8S ToneMatch mixer,” adds Kalá.

“We always carry enough equipment to configure it properly, which is easy with Bose, and the audio sounds perfect.”

— Lúa Kalá, Singer-songwriter

The intuitive controls for the L1 and S1 systems and the EQ of the ToneMatch mixers makes the singer’s job easier. She can make adjustments to the settings quickly and easily, whether during practice or a performance. In addition to the sound quality, Kalá enjoys any time she can interact with Bose products. “You open the box, and everything is super nicely presented and organized. The components come packed inside their cases along with all the instructions and warranty information. The products always look and feel extremely professional, and it’s easy to see that it’s a piece of high-quality equipment. And the sound level — it’s spectacular! Enough fidelity, convenience and so easy to use.”

Lúa Kalá on stage in front of drummer, Bose background


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