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Mauricio Clavería is one of the most influential drummers on the Latin American rock scene. He studied music in his native Chile and began his career alternating between playing the drums and working as a studio musician. This background opened doors to the broader musical world.

Clavería was part of the legendary Chilean rock band La Ley, one of the most prominent bands in the Hispanic-American cultural movement known as Rock en Español. After the band separated, he played for Los Concorde and Fobia, two other well-known Mexican rock bands.

After his time with La Ley, Clavería moved to Mexico, where he has lived for more than 25 years. In his home located in the Mexican city of Puebla, he has a small recording studio where he works as a music producer for other rock bands, collaborates as a drummer on a variety of album recordings, composes music for his bands, and even writes jingles for advertising campaigns.

Mauricio Clavería plays drums on stage
Mauricio Clavería plays drums at home

Currently, Clavería is working on numerous projects with several bands, whose rehearsals, studio productions, concert tours and single performances happen across multiple countries. These projects range from work with DIACERO, a rock band from the founders of La Ley based in Chile; the musical tribute project to the legends of rock based in Mexico, Lo Mejor del Rock en Español; and a power trio named Combo, who toured throughout the United States.

Clavería’s typical week may include several remote recording sessions with colleagues from DIACERO, the production of a jingle for an ad campaign, a show at a local festival with Lo Mejor del Rock en Español, and a trip to the United States to perform with the band Combo. His musical journey touches a variety of people and spans numerous disciplines, requiring flexibility in his schedule as well as the musical technology he needs.

The Bose Professional Solution

Given the pace of work and constant travel, the Chilean drummer required a portable loudspeaker that could serve as both monitor and main PA system for both rehearsals and performances. The system needed to be easy to transport on trips —whether traveling by plane and automobile — and offer a smooth, quick setup, be simple and intuitive to operate, and deliver a powerful sound with great clarity.

Clavería also requires that all his equipment, accessories and software be compatible wherever possible, since he must quickly adapt to a wide range of scenarios from venues to the number of musicians involved.

The versatility of the L1 Model II offers a huge benefit to Clavería, from using it during a band’s rehearsals to taking it up on stage to use as a drum monitor, the convenience is unsurpassed. Clavería owns two L1 Model II systems along with the B2 bass module. He uses one in his personal recording studio and the other in DIACERO’s rehearsal studio in Santiago, Chile. This second system is also used to monitor each of the instrument’s drums, keyboard, guitar as well as vocals.

Mauricio Clavería uses ToneMatch T8S
Mauricio Clavería with drums and Bose L1

The band Combo is his latest musical project. It is a power trio made up of Clavería and two Mexican musicians out of Los Angeles and San Antonio. The band is known for emanating a lot of power and energy on stage, so they use the Bose F1 Model 812 with an F1 Subwoofer and an S1 Pro system as a floor monitor. The equipment is employed both for rehearsals and in clubs that do not have a reliable PA system, ensuring that Combo transmits the intensity that characterizes the band and the sound quality that their audiences expect.

In addition to the Bose portable PA systems dispersed between Puebla, Santiago, Chile and San Antonio, Texas, Clavería has added a T8S ToneMatch mixer for his rehearsals in his recording studio. The T8S ToneMatch offers outstanding flexibility and options to configure the ideal mix of drums. If time is a factor, he uses the ToneMatch presets to do a quick setup.

He can also make adjustments manually and explore different sound effects as needed. The T8S’s compact size and rugged materials are ideal for life on the road. Combined with its intuitive user interface, it’s a power tool for both small concerts or during a drum workshop where ClaverÍa mixes sound himself.

Bose portable PA systems and mixers meet the needs of musician and producer Mauricio Clavería, offering him superior versatility — whether he is monitoring the sound of his drums while rehearsing or playing in clubs or small venues. He values the portability, easy transport and configuration as well, since they make it easy to take them from one place to another while traveling.

Mauricio Claveria with the Bose F1

“I like that I can equalize the sound according to the microphones I use for drums. The sound of the Audix mics that I use for the toms, overhead and kick drums sounds great when it passes through the TS8 ToneMatch — using it couldn’t be any easier.”

— Mauricio Clavería


Mauricio Clavería Case Study