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Montefiore is a residential aged care organization located along Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and North Shore in Australia where clients can retire in style and comfort. For 130 years, Montefiore has offered quality-of-life residential, home care and independent living to a variety of adults at different stages of life. 

Beyond aged care and assisted living, the Montefiore experience recently expanded to include independent living — a chance for those who are downsizing from their homes to enjoy an independent lifestyle within a shared residency. Two new buildings on Montefiore’s Randwick property were created to realize this vision for independent living.

Pool at Montefiore

Each multi-story building contains apartments available for rent or purchase. Beyond this are many hotel-like entertainment options including a pool, gym, cinema, function rooms and café.

“The priority is on luxurious, elegant living,” says Patrick O’Neil, village manager at Montefiore Randwick. “It’s a place where you are welcome to bring your friends or family and enjoy your retirement days in a beautiful environment surrounded by lovely people.”

Utilizing audiovisual elements to create a five-star atmosphere was a critical part of the overall design vision. Ease-of-use was equally important, ensuring that staff and residents alike could easily access the audiovisual tech without feeling intimidated.

The Bose Professional Solution

“The vision was to provide a solution that was easy to operate, have cutting edge technology, yet still be intuitive and accessible to people who are over 60 and not be daunted by the technology,” explains Tony Musico, director of Total Concept Projects who designed and installed the AV system at Montefiore. “We chose Bose Professional for the high quality, ease-of-use, simple integration — and because they’re just fine products!”

Bose Speakers in ceiling at the pool
Bose DS speakers in ceiling

A plush lobby and club lounge area greets visitors to Montefiore’s new independent living buildings. Soothing tunes cascade from the Bose FreeSpace DS 16F in-ceiling mounted loudspeakers with enveloping sound coverage throughout all parts of the open area, ensuring an optimal audio experience.

With the press of a button, Samsung displays lower out of the ceiling on motorized mounts as the audio seamlessly pivots to the TV input. FreeSpace DS 16F loudspeakers are used throughout the large ballroom space, which can be partitioned into two smaller rooms for more intimate events.

Visual content appears can be placed on the wall-mounted displays around the space, as well as projected from a retractable ceiling-mounted Epson projector. The Bose loudspeakers effortlessly transition between low level background music and louder audio reinforcement for events of varying sizes. The same system is also installed in a second, smaller events room.

Rack of Bose Amplifiers
Lobby of Montefiore

The pool and gym area required a system tailored for background music. Total Concept Projects neatly integrated FreeSpace DS 16SE surface-mount environmental loudspeakers between the gaps in the slatted ceiling — providing full, rich coverage while keeping them fully integrated in the interior design where they visually disappeared. Powering the full network of loudspeakers are Bose PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers, managed by a ControlSpace EX-1280 DSP unit.

Montefiore recognizes and values what Bose Professional brings to the residential community. The Bose audio solution delivers a first-class audio experience for independent senior adults.

“The goal is to provide spaces people can enjoy and relax in. It’s very important to us to have audiovisual equipment that works efficiently and effectively. The Bose quality, product offering and experience are ideal for our situation and adhere to the exacting standard we require.”

— Patrick O’Neil
Village Manager at Montefiore Randwick



Montefiore Case Study