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Centered in the heart of the Dubai Design District, SKY2.0 is one of the city’s latest luxury superclub offerings. As SKY2.0 is the newest edition to the globally renowned SKY BAR chain from Beirut, there were high expectations for its grand opening earlier this year.

Every week, the SKY2.0 team hosts up to 2,500 guests for three different signature parties, each offering huge productions, best-in-class audiovisual presentations and magnificent performances from well-known international DJs.

The venue is a spectacular standalone structure designed by French architect Michelle Sarfati in collaboration with Sky Management CEO Chafic El Khazen.

The goal was to design the venue to resemble a UFO that has dropped into the desert. There are no traditional ceilings or walls; the structure is articulated in a semi-open dome, revealing in luminous outline the various interconnected sections overhead. The dome’s interior is punctuated with hundreds of strategically placed projectors integrated throughout the structure. This allows the light beams to be seamlessly choreographed with the music, creating an experience of both sight and sound.

SKY2.0 skyline

With a backdrop of Dubai’s majestic skyline, SKY2.0 brings Beirut’s sleepless party energy to the city. A venue of such uniqueness required an audio solution that could support the vitality and energy of the space—with both audio quality and reliability.

The Bose Professional Solution

SKY2.0 superclub

The SKY2.0 team chose Antaki, Bose Professional’s distributor based in Lebanon, to design and install the audio system in this extraordinary venue. Determining aesthetic locations for each of the DeltaQ arrays and subwoofer, while navigating the space’s curved structure, presented unique and exciting challenges. Not only did the shape of SKY2.0 make crafting an aesthetically pleasing solution difficult—it required a distinctive acoustic solution that delivered on both design and performance.

With these challenges in mind, Antaki chose Bose Professional’s ShowMatch array loudspeakers for their flexibility, even in a fixed-install scenario, which added to the venue’s aesthetics by blending in with the architecture itself. The installed system consists of 24 ShowMatch array loudspeakers distributed into four main clusters and supported by eight RoomMatch RMS218 VLF-subwoofers and 12 Bose LT loudspeakers for accurate zone fill.

The entire system is powered by six PowerSoft X8 amplifiers and managed using Bose Professional ControlSpace EX-1280C processors. All audio signals pass through a fully redundant Dante network.

“I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by the Bose team on the SKY 2.0 project in Dubai. The endless hours spent working on this project and the professionalism portrayed has impressed the entire team immensely, and we deem ourselves honored to have had (Antaki) lead the project. The contribution and dedication of the team was one to be proud of. Knowing that the sound quality and performance is non-negotiable for me, I can vouch that Bose has delivered the best customer experience in our club. We are looking forward for a bright future together in this project and the upcoming ones.”

– Chafic El Khazen, CEO Sky Management


SKY2.0 Case Study
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