Case Study – Live Music | Burgers and Dogs



Nashville-based booking agent Jordan Burger was sitting in his backyard, missing live music, when he realized the hill in his backyard was shaped like an amphitheater. It was a natural next step for him to create the “Burger and Dogs” concert series. This was an invite-only backyard concert series that focused on delivering live music in a socially distanced setting. 

The intimate series took place in Burger’s backyard, which could accommodate 20 individual seating spaces — all six feet apart — ideal for friends, family and guests to book, and included two pairs of VIP seating.

Bose products featured on-stage

“I was sitting out in my backyard rescheduling tour after tour, looking at my hill and I was like ‘my hill looks like an amphitheater, why don’t I book some shows here?’”

— Jordan Burger, Nashville-based booking agent

The amphitheater-shaped backyard of Burgers and Dogs

While there was no cost for admission to the event, donations to the artists were encouraged. Burger also encouraged people to capture these intimate venue experiences via a livestream platform, which enabled people to post and share — ultimately sharing the joy of live events while highlighting the talented musicians and performers.

The series’ concert dates fell on the weekends, so that Burger and volunteers could break down the stage after each show. This required that the audio system be portable, enabling a quick and efficient setup and teardown, while delivering the power and flexibility needed for a variety of performers. Since the stage area was set up at the base of the hill — reinforcing the amphitheater layout — the sound system needed to accurately and consistently project the sound to the audience.

The Bose Professional Solution

The Bose F1 system was the ideal portable PA, allowing the sound to be shaped towards the concert attendees. The entire system included two F1 Model 812 flexible array loudspeakers, two F1 subwoofers, and two S1 Pro multi-position loudspeakers for use as floor monitors. 

The ease-of-use and consistent, high-performance sound quality was enhanced by the portability of the full system, making each concert setup quick and efficient. The entire system easily fits in a car and could be moved around wherever needed. 

The F1 flexible array allowed the show organizer to direct the sound up the hill so all attendees experienced the richness and energy of the artists’ music, without being uncomfortably loud to those who were close to the stage or bothersome to surrounding neighbors.

Bose F1 system
People seated on the amphitheater hill

The first artist that played the concert series was singer-songwriter, Kris Allen, former American Idol winner. Allen has been livestreaming concerts through his different social media channels, but this was one of his first full performances in front of a live crowd in more than seven months. 

The opportunity to perform in an intimate setting was a special opportunity for Allen. “It wasn’t my full band, just me acoustic.” he shared. “Getting back on stage and playing was a blast, I had so much fun. It was amazing.”

“It was great equipment to work with,” shared Allen. “It took just fifteen minutes to set up. The sound engineer went over, turned it on, and was like ‘man, that sounds really good’ — it was that simple.” 



Burgers and Dogs Case Study