Case Study – Live Music | G.Love Spring Tour 2021



2020 touched every industry around the world, but entertainers and musicians were particularly impacted. As grocers, businesses and others adopted precautions that enabled the return to public spaces in varying degrees or hybrid and remote work, musicians were largely left as entertainers without a stage. 

In order to continue doing what they love, performers like Garrett Dutton, known as G.Love, needed to rethink their approach to their craft and find innovative ways to reach audiences. 

That meant reimaging what performing could mean, what life on the road now looked like, traveling between places that had eased lockdown restrictions and those that had not, and staying flexible for last-minute opportunities. This type of adaptability requires a new approach to audio.

Performing in large indoor venues is expected to return, but until then, musicians and performers are seeking out opportunities to remain connected to their fans in creative ways. G.Love found such an opportunity and shifted his career into something he never thought possible. 

He wanted to find a way to travel the country, balance that touring schedule with time with his family, and continue to engage and connect with his audiences in authentic, meaningful ways. 

To make this possible, G.Love needed a powerful, portable audio solution that, from backyard to public venue and beyond, would continuously power his music and ensure a consistent audio experience, no matter where he performed.

G. Love carrying a Bose Sub2 Powered Bass Module

The Bose Professional Solution

In the Bose L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array, G.Love found that perfect audio solution that provided portability, power and performance. 

The L1 Pro32 is the most advanced Bose L1 portable line array ever. It delivers the supreme clarity and output of a 32-driver articulated line array and 180-degree horizontal sound coverage, giving artists like G.Love an unrivaled, portable PA system for medium-to-large-sized venues and events like weddings, clubs and festivals. 

Better yet, when combined with either the Bose Sub1 or Sub2 subwoofer, it creates a powerful, modular solution that’s easy to pack, carry and set up.

A built-in, multi-channel mixer offers EQ, reverb and phantom power, plus Bluetooth® streaming and access to the full library of ToneMatch presets — and the intuitive L1 Mix app gives G.Love simple, intuitive wireless control fromhis smartphone. G.Love is a family man, but he’s also in the business of building an extended family and community of music lovers — and the premium, full-range sound and superior audio experience from the portable L1 Pro32 and Sub2 allows him to do that from coast to coast.

G. Love talking to a bandmate
G. Love performing at night

Through his use of the L1 Pro32 and Sub2, G.Love plays powerful, engaging shows at a variety of private, “backyard” concerts and smaller public venues across the nation. 

G.Love doesn’t view this period or these unique shows as a stopgap — instead, he sees a new and impactful way to connect with audiences. This kind of portable, proven solution opens new doors for musicians, performers and DJs around the world looking to expand how they perform. 

The L1 Pro32 and Sub2 provide him with the flexibility to play in a variety of different sized locales and setups without advanced knowledge of the specifics of the venues. Since the holistic solution is extremely portable, G.Love can pack it up in the back of his Suburban alongside suitcases and diaper bags, and hit the road without missing a beat.

“Their new L1 Pro now tops that. The portability and power, plus the quick setup, make it possible for me to focus on my music and creating a special experience for my audience. I just love it.

— Garrett Dutton
Singer, Songwriter & Musician



G.Love Case Study