Case Study – Hospitality | Maitland Regional Art Gallery



Situated in New South Wales, the Maitland Regional Art Gallery is a public gallery located in a historic building built in the 1830s. The building’s history includes numerous uses ranging from a tailor, candle factory, soap making and a general store. The building has seen a few renovations throughout the years, finally becoming the home for the Maitland Regional Art Gallery in 2003. 

In addition to its 11 separate exhibition spaces across two floors, it also contains a series of spaces for workshops, a retail store and a café — all dedicated to providing a premier arts and cultural experience for everyone. In addition to featuring the latest artists, it also hosts large events and conferences, so it needed a high-quality sound system to support both intelligible voice and a variety of music styles within the highly reverberant spaces.

After a complete audio upgrade, the Bose Professional system transformed the spaces, providing an optimal audio experience as visitors move from one space to the next, creating cohesive areas that are both beautiful and functional.