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Be-Ge Hockey Center is part of multi-sport facility Arena Oskarshamn, which consists of an ice hall, swimming pool with a water park and an artificial football lawn, which converts into an outdoor bandy arena during the winter season. Oskarshamn's ice hall was built in 1974, and Arena Oskarshamn is the result of a total renovation made in 2004. At ice hockey games, the arena can accommodate up to 3,275 spectators, with seating for 1,692 attendees. During the first season with the newly expanded arena, game attendance increased by an average of more than 450 people per hockey game. And in early April 2015, a collaboration agreement was reached between IK Oskarshamn and the largest tenet—the Be-Ge Group—resulting in the new facility name of The Be-Ge Hockey Center. The time was right to update the arena, which included a modern PA system, before the next season started.

Oskarshamn Hockey Center


Oskarshamn Hockey Center

Bose Pro partner SAC Nordic installed the current PA system, which had been in the arena for more than ten years, and the company was contacted to identify a new high-quality, reliable audio solution for the hockey center. SAC Nordic, together with the Bose Professional team in Scandinavia, developed a modular design based upon the calculations and acoustics of the space. Auditioner played an essential part in the process of selecting the ideal solution, as the Auditioner sound projections allowed the stakeholders and owners of the arena to experience the new PA system in advance. Of the two audio options presented, one was a design based on the Bose LT loudspeaker series, and the other was the new Bose ArenaMatch loudspeakers. The final decision was the ArenaMatch solution, which provided the highest-quality audio experience the Bose DeltaQ technology. Arena Oskarshamn Be-Ge Hockey Center employed installation company ELAJO to complete the installation in August of 2019, and upon completion, the final tuning and commissioning report was completed by a Bose Professional field engineer. 

In total, 14 ArenaMatch arrays now hang in the arena with two boxes per cluster. Five ArenaMatch Utility AMU208 loudspeakers were installed on one of the short sides of the arena, providing coverage for the VIP lounge. The solution was powered by seven PowerMatch 8500N and one 4500N power amplifiers, along with a ControlSpace ESP-1240AD sound processor. The entire solution was managed by two ControlSpace CC-64 control centers.

"Arena Oskarshamn Be-Ge Hockey Center is renowned for its engaged spectators and their cheering. Our goal was also to be renowned for the overall sound experience in the Arena. The new PA system helps us to secure our reputation as the hockey area with the most engaged audience in the Swedish Hockey League."

- Olof Eriksson, Facilities Manager, Oskarshamn municipality



Oskarshamn Hockey Arena Case Study
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