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Parameter Sets – Recall

Recall Buttons
The first and most obvious method for recalling the parameter values stored in a Parameter Set is to click on the Recall button in the Parameter Sets window. The stored parameters will be recalled each time the Recall button is clicked. The Recall buttons in the Parameter Sets window also provide a visual indication of which Parameter Sets have been programmed. If the Recall button is yellow, that indicates that the associated Parameter Set has parameters assigned to it and there are stored values available to be recalled. If the Recall button is grey, that Parameter Set is currently unused.

Parameter Sets can also be recalled using Timers. Right-clicking on the Parameter Set and selecting Add To Timer from the context menu and then selecting a target Timer will add the Parameter Set to the selected Timer. The stored parameters in the Parameter Set will be recalled each time that Timer is triggered.

Logic can recall the stored values in a Parameter Set using the Parameter Set Recall object. The Parameter Set to be recalled is selected from the control panel of the Parameter Set Recall object and the stored values in the Parameter Set will be recalled each time the logic value of the object’s input becomes true.